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Kalmasoft is not a translation agency, we do translation in house thus offering fifteen years of experience in the field document translation, our translation career spans over a wide range of knowledge, legal, newspaper themes, scientific, doctoral and master thesis, technical reports, text books to name a just a few. Arabic and English are our main target languages.
Our Policy
Below are the typical steps we follow to help you to get your document professionally translated:
  • Soon as we receive your document or any part of your choice we will translate one page (FREE of charge) and resend it back to you for evaluation together with styling details, cost calculation, and timing schedule.
  • Upon your approval on the quality and styling, you will be asked to pay 30% of the total cost.
  • The finished translation will be sent to you by email as electronic file formatted and encrypted in special way that is easy for an acceptable print quality.
  • After payment is done in full the final document will be sent to you according to the agreed upon file format.

Conditions and details
Please read the conditions below before you make any dicision contacting us, these are integral part of the translation agreement.
  • costs are calculated as per number of words basis i.e. per 100 words of your document, plus a marginal fees for the typing, editing, and formatting. The same applies for the voice recordings.
  • rush translation (one third time regular translation) orders are acceptable for as triple as the cost of the regular translation.
  • text modification is possible during the translation process for not more than 2% of the document size.
  • digital images, art works, spreadsheets, math and chemistry formula will be embedded for reasonable extra charges.
  • we offer 5% cost deduction for changes asked after delivery.
  • regarding copyright and privacy please refer to our Privacy Statement.
  • translated document will be kept in our server for a maximum period of 30 days or deleted immediately upon you choice.
  • money back policy is not applicable, in case the translation is not acceptable we will redo the whole work.

File formats we accept:

  1. MS Word documents.
  2. Qt (ts, ui) files.
  3. hard copy papers.

File formats we provide:

  1. Text files.
  2. Qt ts files.
  3. MS Word document.

Contact Us Today!
Please send your documents to the following email Inquiries    
Khartoum East- 45th Katerina St.
Building 9, 3rd Floor, Office No. 7
Khartoum - SUDAN
Tel: (+249) 909-619-962

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