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Welcome to Kalmasoft products overview, we are pleased that you decided to have a look at this website's contents; this page summarizes the contents of our website and the products and services we provide. If you already have enough information about what you are looking for then you may access the subject directly through our structured Sitemap for any updates. For your convenience we have divided this page into four categories.

Multilingual Databases
Multilingual Dictionaries
Arabic Language Processing
Other Services

Onomastics, etymology, anthroponomy, toponomy, orthographic, semantic, ontology, and taxonomy databases.

  • Database of Arabic Given Names; tens of thousands of Arabic given names, parsed to gender and locale and provided with statistical analysis for frequency and usage.
  • Database of Arabic Surnames; Valuable for name scoring, geographic location, and law enforcement related agencies.
  • Database of Arabic Names; Millions of Arabic full names provided with enough information and classified into three levels, geographic, gender, and type, very useful for NLP applications, entity identification, and other etymologic applications.
  • Database of Names of Arabic Origins; An interesting set of names known to be loaned from the Arabic world, provided with full information for both foreign and Arabic names.
  • Database of non-Arab Names; Western names and names from all over the world, the biggest bilingual database of its kind is now available electronically through this website.
  • Database of Famous Names and Celebrities; An interesting set of world celebrities and most famous names written in Arabic script and provided with other information like locale.
  • Database of Uniqe and Indigenous Names; A valuable listing of indigenous and rare names found in Arabic countries, the biggest database of its kind now available electronically.
  • Entity Onomasticon
  • Database of Acronyms and Initialisms; Accurate translation of entity acronyms representing almost every aspect of life, bilingual English>Arabic; a superset is also available as (database of entity names) through the following item.
  • Database of Entity Names; Best for NER, CLIR, and TTS applications; fully translated to English and Arabic languages.
  • Database of Arabic Named Entity Tags; Unique source of NER and TTS related applications and NLP systems, tags like (Co., Ltd., Bros., Inc.) and others are represented in Arabic language.
  • Database of Arabic Colloquial Entity Names; A nice source for comparative etymology studies of names in colloquial Arabic, good for NER and TTS related applications. (now under construction)
  • Toponomy
  • Database of Arabic Place Names; A gazetteer (populated places only) of Arabic place names, important for toponomy oriented applications, this database covers all place names in the Arabic regions (Arabian Gulf, Moroccan region, and North Africa) fully described with LONG and LAT geographic coordinates, English transcripted versions; good for GIS applications, search engines, TTS packages, online gazetteers and related applications.
  • Database of World Place Names; A gazetteer (populated places only) of world place names, vital for localized GIS packages, mapping software, and Automated Vehicle Navigation systems , Multilingual TTS software; entries showing geographic coordinates as LONG and LAT.
  • Database of Famous Places; a very important addition to geographic search engines and gazetteers, precise Arabic translation of all geographic entities and famous marks on earth.
  • Database of World Gazetteer; World gazetteer is a full featured database of geographic information concerning the geographic makeup of all world countries and natural physical features, such as mountains, waterways, or roads. This database is a complement to the above two databases.
  • Database of Geographic Terms; Most of geographic terms can be found here, this database is compiled to be used with electronic dictionaries and MT applications.
  • Arabic Orthography
  • Arabic corpus; tagged Arabic corpus.
  • Database of Arabic Roots; An influential set of 10,000 approx Arabic roots with their inflection schema, basic for lemma based NLP systems, Arabic MT systems.
  • Database of Arabic Verbs; A subset of the above database, this one showing the orthographic variation and tenses.
  • Database of Arabic Function Words;
  • Arabic Semantics
  • Database of Arabic Idioms; A database of Arabic idiomatic expressions, useful for NLP and MT applications.
  • Database of Arabic Newspaper Expressions; A database of Arabic newspaper and media terms, useful for NLP and MT applications.
  • Database of Arabic Proverbs; A database of Arabic proverbs, useful for NLP and MT applications.
  • Arabic Ontology
  • Database of Arabic Noun Ontology; A highly organized database of Arabic verb ontology, based on OWL, (now under construction).
  • Database of Arabic Verb Ontology; A highly organized database of Arabic noun ontology, based on OWL, (now under construction).
  • Arabic Taxonomy
  • Database of Arabic Noun Taxonomy; The biggest database of Arabic noun taxonomy, (now under construction).

  • Dictionaries
    Available in two forms, end user application for individuals, companies, and plain text for DTP clients, web based dictionaries, translation software, and bilingual search engines.

  • Dictionary of US Military Terms; An impressive and useful package for any official and military institutions, a major boost for counter terrorism organization, military departments, governmental research institutes , and others.
  • Dictionary of NASA Terms; NASA's complete dictionary of terms now available in Arabic!, this is the only English-Arabic currently available online.
  • Dictionary of US DoD Terms; Another addition to the preceding two items, the Department of Defence is perhaps the worlds most active governmental body, this dictionary contains thousands of terms used by the DoD.
  • Dictionary of UN/NGO Terms; Currently being our most sold source of information, we present this work to governmentally owned and non-governmental institutions; it is also useful for news agency, media centers, and translation companies.
  • Dictionary of Geographic and GIS Terms; This is our latest specialized word dictionary, it contains terms of Geographic Information Systems and geography in general.
  • Dictionary of Musical Terms; This is by far our most versatile dictionary since it contains terms in four different languages, terms found here are collected from trusted musical glossaries.
  • Dictionary of Obscene and Swear Words; .
  • Technical
  • Dictionary of Aerospace Terms; All terms used by both ICAO and IATA organization as well as other military and civil aviation associations, this dictionary is highly organized and detailed.
  • Dictionary of Computer/Networking Terms; the biggest of our set of dictionaries, this dictionay includes most of the terms used in information systems and computer technology including operating systems, security, encryption, programming etc.
  • Dictionary of Oil and Gas Engineering Terms; A dictionary of energy related terms, vital part of translation memory software, NLP and TTS applications.
  • Dictionary of Medical Terms; Terms specific to medical and health are gathered here, this dictionary includes all terms belong to veterinary, psychology, surgery, pathology, and more.
  • Dictionary of Legal Terms; One of the most comprehensive source of legal terms, best friend for lawyers, law enforcement institutions, decision support systems.
  • Dictionary of Economy and Financial Terms; With over 5,000 terms this dictionary represents one of the major references in this field.
  • Dictionary of Engineering Terms; One of our biggest dictionaries in size, representing more than 12 fields of engineering sciences.
  • General
  • Dictionary of New Words; this dictionary shows what new coined terms like "cyberpunk" and "flaming" do mean in Arabic, good for both Arabic and English speakers; most of the new words listed in this dictionary belongs to the field of information technology and media.
  • Dictionary of Media Terms; All terms in the interesting field of media, public communication, newspaper, press, TV and satellite broadcasting.
  • Dictionary of Academic Terms; A bilingual English<>Arabic dictionary of academic terms.
  • Dictionary of Spirit Industry Terms; A bilingual English<>Arabic dictionary of alcohol industry terms.
  • Dictionary of Tabacco and Tea Industry Terms; A bilingual English<>Arabic dictionary of tabacco and tea industry terms.
  • Dictionary of Perfume Industry Terms; A bilingual English<>Arabic dictionary of aromatic products industry terms.

  • Language Processing Systems
    The best of breed state-of-the-art Arabic linguistic technologies now made available here by Kalmasoft, Arabic specific and general NLP tools are available here; customized systems can also be designed and made available for your specific purposes. Products in this part are designed to be used as an integral part of your NLP systems and/or applications e.g. CLIR, MT, TTS, and others. The contents in this part of the overview are changing rapidly so please revisit periodically.

    Onomasticon and Anthroponomy
  • Personal Name Romanization System; A system to generate the Romanized version of an Arabic personal name.
  • Personal Name Arabicizing System; Personal name Arabicizer i.e. generates the Arabic transcription of the input Latin name.
  • Personal Name Retrieval System; Does the reverse process of the above i.e. regenerates the original Arabic name -in Arabic script- from the Romanized version(s); also regenerates the Latin names from their Arabized version(s).
  • Arabic Name Classification System; Locating Arabic names and index them to specific geographic and regions, this system gives only a "gist" about the geographic origin of the name.
  • Personal Name Transcription System; Creates versions of the Arabic names in native scripts of many languages.
  • Arabic Orthography
  • Arabic Text Diacritizing System; A system to add Arabic vowels (diacritical marks) to the Arabic text.
  • Arabic Text Parsing System; Arabic text shallow parsing utility.
  • Arabic Root Extracting System; Arabic root extraction utility.
  • Arabic Text POS Tagging System; Arabic text part of speech tagging system.
  • Arabic Conjugation Generation System; root-based Arabic conjugation generator.
  • Arabic Inflection Generation System; root-based Arabic inflection generator.
  • Arabic Orthography Development Tools; A selection of some Arabic lexical development tools includes scripts and rule sets.

  • Services
    We provide three kinds of services.

    Document Translation
  • Arabic<>English Document Translation; Kalmasoft has long been involved in translation services, our expertise in this domain aged 15 years.
  • Arabic Text Editing/Proofreading; Not sure how to handle your Arabic data? we take care of that and do the best to check and verify your lexical data, just send it to us and tell us what you would like to have.
  • Lexical Processing
  • Analysis using MAPS System; Not sure what system to license of our MAPS suit? we offer a cheaper solution, we will process your data internally and send you the results, no matter how complex or big we can accomplish the job in the best way you would imagine.
  • Consulting Services
  • Consulting; We offer consulting services in Arabic linguistics in the fields of lexicography, etymology, toponomy, and orthography.

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