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Welcome to Kalmasoft B2B web page, we will show you here the way we prefer doing business with your firm; this page summarizes the steps we usually follow to start business with our clients. If you already have enough information about legal terms and likes, please jump to the last subject: Pillars of Business.
Licensing or Purhcasing?
Kalmasoft Pillars of Business
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Licensing or Purchasing?

You may wonder what business model is best for your project? we present here some important points for the possibilities.


  A license is a grant of permission to allow you to make use of intellectual property rights. The intellectual property right is for the copyright. A license differs from an assignment of intellectual property rights. An assignment conveys title of the intellectual property. In a license, title of the intellectual property usually stays with us Kalmasoft (called the "licensor"), rather than being conveyed to you the license holder (called the "licensee"). Licenses may be exclusive or nonexclusive. A nonexclusive license means that the intellectual property rights conveyed may be granted to more than one licensee. An exclusive license does not necessarily mean that there is only one licensee. It may mean that the scope of the license is exclusive to a certain geographic area, to a specific product area or to a limited field of use. For example, we -being the licensor - may grant an exclusive license for a product for sale in the United States and may grant another exclusive license for the product sales outside the United States.

Advantages of Licensing

  A licensing agreement mutually benefits both parties. A benefit to the licensee may include rapid entry into a market using technology developed and tested by Kalmasoft. Whatever the advantages are, the license agreement will be structured so as to maximize the benefits to both parties. In order to do so, the compensation paid by the licensee to the licensor must be fair to both sides to have a really successful long term licensing arrangement. We make sure that you make an adequate profit after payment of the license fees.

How to Get a License

  Most of our customers consider licensing our data "copyrights" for an advance licensing fee plus an annual royalties. It is important to understand that you are getting the license to the " copyrights" and not the compiled data itself. After we receive communications from clients interested in our products, we then will start to negotiate the "license agreement". We have made some guidelines to show you how to go through the whole process starting with describing your need until discussing numbers and technical details. The license agreement will have important provisions in it regarding how much you should pay, the percentage of royalties, infringement issues, and other important issues that must be properly stated clearly to guarantee your rights and receive a quality service/product.

Purchasing a Product

  Purchasing differs than a license in that you get all rights to use the products including reselling and re-licensing to third parties;

Pillars of Business

We have come up with a way to make our life easy and productive through the strict following a set of phases we call "the seven pillars of business" (POB) for short.

The following list is just a way to organize our correspondences and shall in no way be deemed a manifest of the sequence of business though it may look so; however in many other cases this is exactly how we did our business with some customers more or less, and we hopefully would like you accept it as a framework for all future business.

[0] Roadmap

Preceding, mainly the contents of this web page and any other suggestions you may like to add.

[1] Clarifying the Scope of Work

Clarifications, definitions, disambiguation of purposes.

[2] Technicalities

Technical description of data, solutions, methods, codes, data fields, software etc.

[3] Fine Tuning the Job

Specifications, details, revision, encodings, evaluation samples, finalized decisions, manuals etc all go here.

[4] Paper Work

Legalities e.g. contracts and NDA "if any" and the "license agreement" should be finished in this phase before making any deliveries.

[5] Proceedings

This will include both technical (requested data transfer, acknowledgments of receipt, and financial matters (e.g. payment scheduling, transfer methods and other commitments).

[6] Follow-up

Reporting feedback or any support e.g. upgrades/updates related to phase [5] above.

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