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The four overlapped color stripes represent all colours found in world country flags, hence revealing the diversity of world languages.


About Us

Kalmasoft is a leading end-to-end services developer providing lexecography services, language engineering solutions, translation, and quality databases in all major NLP fields to all agencies and governmental authorities since established in 2001.

Our expertise in language engineering spans from providing complete solutions through design and build, to full scale language engineering services.

Kalmasoft has completed many prestigious projects as shown in this website; some recently completed projects include wide spectrum of lexical databases and specialty dictionaries beside some productivity tools useful for language processing.

Kalmasoft's fully integrated environment ensure full compliance with the state-of-the-art lexical analysis approaches. Our expertise has made us one of the market leaders in the Middle East and North Africa providing technical and lexical services to the private and public sectors. With the experience and support of a dedicated, professional workforce, our performance-based quality services, combined with our expert knowledge, processes and systems, help customers achieve optimum asset performance.

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Last updated 20/10/2018