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MAPSOno is the family name of our anthroponomy processing package; a set of specialized modules tuned for applications such as information retrieval, document clustering, named entity extraction (NER), and translation. Output samples are available for download as PDF for your convenience, you are also invited to send us your sample input for processing free of charge, we accept limited size samples in any form or encoding.

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Kalmasoft Personal Names Transcription System is a universal many-to-many multilingual automatic cross transcription tool that is capable of generating high accurate transcription between more than 150 languages, a system that uses sophisticated techniques of processing both the input name and the phonetic conventions of the target language, thus producing a wide range Latin and non-Latin based languages versions of the name by taking care of all the complexities of their phonetic systems. All EU official languages, Slavic languages, Russian, Semitic languages e.g. Hebrew, and Hamito-Semitic e.g. Amharic and Tigrinya, Farsi, Hindi are among the target languages to name just a few.

Depending on the intended field of application, the system can transcribe names between any pairs of the supported languages, it can also transcribe the names using some 23 transcription/transliteration standards for 16 languages including (UNGEGN, ALA-LC, DIN, SATT, ISO, Nihon-Shiki, Kunrei-Shiki, Transliteration) for Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Greek for example.

personal names transcription tree

MAPS Name Transcription
A screenshot of MAPSOno Transcription interface, you can view the technical specifications. You may also DOWNLOAD Evaluation copy.

  The sample given below contains multilingual text. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of the correct intended characters, you may either get the suitable fonts from our lingual support page or download the TXT version for which no extra arrangement is required.

Source: Source languageTarget: Target language
Transcription: Transcripted nameStandard: Transcription standard

ID Entry IPA Source Target Transcription Standard
1 خَلْفَان /χalfɑːn/ Arabic Greek Χαλφαν
2 خَلْفَان /χalfɑːn/ Arabic French Kelfane
3 خَلْفَان /χalfɑːn/ Arabic German Kalfan
4 خَلْفَان /χalfɑːn/ Arabic Spanish Jalfan
5 خَلْفَان /χalfɑːn/ Arabic Russian Хaлфaн
6 خَلْفَان /χalfɑːn/ Arabic Japanese ハルファーン
7 Аркадий Russian Arabic أرْكادِي
8 Борислав /borɪslav/ Russian English Borislav
9 Екатерина /ɪkətɪrinə/ Russian Korean
10 Никита /nɪkɪta/ Russian Japanese ニキータ
11 명숙 Korean Arabic مِيونْغسُوك
12 동현 Korean English Donghyeon Revised Romanization
13 李 强 Chinese Arabic لِي تْشِيانْغ
14 张 静 Chinese English Chang Ching Wade-Giles
15 शिवानी /ʃivanɪː/ Hindi Arabic شيفاني
16 रोहिनी /rohɪnɪː/ Hindi English Rohinee Hunterian
17 ሳምራዊት /samɨrɑːwit/ Amharic English Samrawit
18 ዮርዳኖስ /jorɨdanos/ Amharic Arabic يوردانوس
19 Masimo /mɑːsimo/ Italian Russian
20 Adriana /adrijɑːna/ Italian Arabic أدريانا
26 Margarette French Arabic مارغريت
27 גולדה /goldah/ Hebrew English Golda
28 שלומי /ʃlomiː/ Hebrew Arabic شلومي
38 Φιλήμων /filmon/ Greek Russian Филимону
39 Σελήνη /siliːni/ Greek English Selene
40 Θέκλα /takla/ Greek Arabic تكلا
41 Νέστωρ /nestor/ Greek Japanese ネストル

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