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MAPSOno is the family name of our anthroponomy processing package; a set of specialized modules tuned for applications such as information retrieval, document clustering, named entity extraction (NER), and translation. Output samples are available for download as PDF for your convenience, you are also invited to send us your sample input for processing free of charge, we accept limited size samples in any form or encoding.

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"Arabicization" is the process of transcribing a name using the Arabic script, this is made possible by Kalmasoft's Roman Names Arabicizer, a module that produces the vocalized Arabicized version of romanized names written in basic latin alphabet.

The adoption of any name into other language is usually accompanied by a process of adjusting its original pronunciation to suit the phonological regularities in the new language, some names undergo significant transformation to accommodate the phonological characteristics of the target language.

Our system is designed following a strategy that limits such transformation to minimal. The vagueness and inexactness of pronunciation inherent in the source languages is solved with a flexible phonetic based algorithm adaptable to the contrasting cultural naming patterns and styles used around the world. The system supports more than 220 countries and 70 languages that phonemically affect name romanization.

The system is also capable of retrieving names of Arabic origin that are romanized in many different and obsecure ways like (Halid, Ahmet, Houcene).

MAPSOno Arabicizer functional diagram

MAPS Name Romanizer
A screenshot of MAPSOno Roman Names Arabicizer interface, you can view the technical specifications. You may also DOWNLOAD Evaluation copy.

  The sample given below contains multilingual text. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of the correct intended characters, you may either get the suitable fonts from our lingual support page or download the TXT version for which no extra arrangement is required.

You may download a ready made Arabicized database from here KDBPASS or you may like to view more here dbsamples.htm

Entry: Romanized personal nameArabic: unvocalized Arabic version of the name
Country: Name country of originVocalized: vocalized Arabic version of the name
KATS: Kalmasoft Arabic Transliteration SystemVariants: vocalized Arabic variant spelling

ID Entry Country KATS Arabic Vocalized Variants
1 McDonald USA mAkdwnAld ماكدونالد مَاكْدُونَالْدْ مَاكْدُونَلْدْ، مَكْدُنَلْدْ
2 Salvadore Italy sAlfAdwry سالفادورِي سَالْفَادُورِي سَلْفَادُورِي
3 Treshkova Russia tyry$kwfA تيريشكوفا تِيرِيشْكُوفَا تِرِيشْكُوفَا
4 Obenheimer Germany !wbnhAymr أوبنهايمر أُوبَنْهَايْمَرْ أُبَنْهَايْمَرْ
5 Jorgensen Sweden ywrgynsn يورغينسن يُورْغِينْسِنْ يُورْغِينْسِينْ
6 Verdek Afghanistan wrdk وردك وَرْدَكْ
7 Ferzad Afghanistan frzAd فرزاد فَرَزَادْ فَرَازَاتْ، فَرَسَتْ
8 Scolari Italy AskwlAry اسكولاري اِسْكُولاَرِي سْكُولاَرِي
9 Setbanova Russia sytbAnwfA سيتبانوفا سِيتْبَانُوفَا سِتْبَانُوفَا
10 Vialli Italy fyAly فيالي فِيَالِّي
11 Henrique Spain Enryk إنريك إِنْرِيكْ
12 Ogalan Turkey !wglAn أوغلان أُوغَلاَنْ أُوجَلاَنْ
13 Shim‘on Israel $mown شمعون شِمْعُونْ شِيمُونْ
14 Eliyahu Israel ElyAhw إلياهو إِلِيَاهُو اِيلِيَاهُو
15 khrisomalis Greece KryswmAlys خريسوماليس خِرِيسُومَالِيسْ خِرِيسُومَالِسْ
16 Mikhaelous Greece myKAeylws ميخائيلوس مِيخَائِيلُوسْ مِخَايْلِوسْ
17 Françoi France frAnswA فرانسوا فَرَانْسُوا
18 Toussaude France twsw توسو تُوسُّو
19 Arzhang Pakistan !r$Ang أرشانغ أَرْشَانَغْ أَرْجَانْغْ
20 Behdur India bhAdwr بهادور بَهَادُورْ
21 Anil India !nyl أنيل أنِيلْ
22 Sharma India $ArmA شارما شَارْمَا
23 Amitab India !mytAb أميتاب أمِيتَابْ
24 Tafalkayt Morocco tflkAyt تفلكايت تَفَلْكَايْتْ
25 Adarbal Morocco !drbAl أدربال أدَرْبَالْ
26 Melesse Ethiopia mAls مالس مَالِّسْ مَلِّسْ
27 Tesfaye Ethiopia tsfAy تسفاي تِسْفَايْ
28 Almaz Ethiopia !lmAZ ألماظ ألْمَاظْ
29 Getachew Ethiopia gytAt$w غيتاتشو غِيتَاتْشُو
30 Hagos Ethiopia hqwS حقوص حَقُوَصْ

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